Catechetical Coordinator: Malveen Austin


Students usually start taking Catechism when they are 6 years of age but they must take two years of catechism (Levels 1 and 1A) before they receive First Communion (usually around 8 years of age).

2022-2023 CATECHISM Classes - Next classes - 10:00 a.m. Saturday, March 04 and March 18 at the Hall.

Catechism classes will be held two Saturdays every month. Dates will be determined later based on availability of teacher and priest.

Contact Malveen Austin (Co-ordinator) at (204) 727-5049 or Fr. Yaroslav at (204) 727-2233 for more information and to register children for future classes starting in the fall of 2023.

This page was updated February 17, 2023
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