Arranging a funeral for a loved one can be a very trying time for the family. We encourage the family to make the necessary arrangements through the Funeral Home of their choice. The Funeral Director contacts the Parish Office immediately to confirm arrangements and availability of the Parish Priest. Dates and times of services are subject to the schedule of the Parish Priest.

The family is free to request a particular priest with the approval of the Parish Priest. The Parish Priest will then assign him, or another priest that is available.

NOTE - Effective May 09, 2021, the maximum number of people allowed in the church for FUNERALS is 10 people plus 5 essential servers (clergy, cantor, live-streaming team and Funeral Home staff) provided that the total number does not exceed the maximum number allowed in our church to maintain social distancing. Please take this into consideration when making funeral arrangements for loved ones.

Funeral Rites

The Funeral Rites are subject to the liturgical prescriptions and customs of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. Foreign music is not permitted in Church.

The family is free to choose the following:
- the number of services (Parastas, Divine Liturgy, or both).
- the location of the Parastas (in the Church or at the Funeral Home).
- the language of the service(s) and sermon (Ukrainian, English or bilingual)
- the family is free to request someone to sing or read the Epistle.

The family is free to request their own cantor, provided that person is a qualified cantor of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. Otherwise, the Parish Priest will select the cantor.

Eulogies are delivered at the memorial lunch following the funeral.

Casket spray is permitted at all times during the funeral services. Flowers are permitted in Church.

Cremated human remains are allowed in the Church. Cremation can take place before or after the funeral service.

Reception after funeral - SUBJECT TO MB PUBLIC HEALTH ORDERS - NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE DUE TO PANDEMIC- Under normal circumstances, families may choose to have a reception after the funeral service/interment. If you wish to have a reception in our Hall, arrangements can be made through your funeral home or you may contact Lawrence Kristalovich.

FEES (see attached FEE SCHEDULE for more details - effective March 01, 2015)

Priest - $350
Cantor - $100
Organist (if requested) - $50
During pandemc - Church cleaning/disinfection before/after service - Your offering

For your convenience, funeral homes will collect these fees on your behalf, otherwise these fees must be paid directly to the individuals PRIOR to the funeral.


Brockie Donovan Ltd. (Phone - 727-0694)
Memories Chapel & Pre-Planning Centre (Phone - 727-0330)

This page was last updated May 08, 2021

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